Lifeskills that the Programme Develops - OBE Developed - Part 2 back_buttonnext_button

1. Self Esteem and Self Worth
Competent participation makes a child feel good about himself.

When a child has successful experience in one area of his life it ensures confidence which can be carried to other areas.

2. Confidence
Children gain confidence when they
  • Learn new skills
  • Are accepted as part of a team

3. Social Interaction
Children learn how to interact with others by-
  • Being accepted by peers
  • Making new friends
  • Learning to share
  • Respecting other children's feelings
  • Treating other children with respect

4. Positive Attitude
Children develop a positive attitude by -
  • Understanding their best is good enough
  • Feeling good when a task is completed
  • Feeling good about their involvement in something
  • Having fun and being expressive
  • Having positive interactions

5. Communication
Children learn to communicate when they –
  • Communicate with the coach
  • Communicate with others in a partner or teamwork situation